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  • Licensed Hair & Makeup Artist

  • MAC Pro Certified MUA

  • Licensed Lash Tech

Welcome, my name is Maily, and I am a licensed hair and makeup artist living in Miami, Florida. I specialize in special event makeup and hairstyling for quinceañeras, brides, bridesmaids, maternity beauty, and actors/ actresses.

I’ve been part of some of the most memorable moments in women’s lives, that being a quinceañera or a bride on their special day or simply an aspiring actress looking to take some headshots. After they see themselves looking their absolute best, the wow factor is the most rewarding part of my job!

I was born in Cuba and immigrated to the USA when I was 13. While in college, my house was always the house all my girlfriends would come to get ready with the intent of me doing their hair or makeup. You can say I had a natural gift when it came to making everyone feel their absolute best!


When you hire me, you are not only hiring a makeup artist and hairstylist; you are also going to have your own private cheerleader that will be your rock and help you throughout the entire process. That may be by helping you with your dresses, blowing with a fan to give you a beautiful shot, or doing touch-ups to ensure you don’t look sweaty. It is like having your own personal assistant who will cater to you throughout the day while making sure you look your best!

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